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Case study - Skye
Skye - 24yo Pony
Cushings disease, Metabolic Syndrome
with founder/rotation in all 4 hooves.

August 04 - Right front
January 05 - Right front
January 05 - Skye is on a 2 weekly trimming schedule and here you can see the new wall growth from coronet. Already there is improvement in the angle of the horn tubule growth. The horn quality has improved and the seedy toe infection that had travelled throught the laminar wedge is responding to treatment with T.Tree oil. Jenny also soaks Skye's feet in water with apple cider vinegar each day.
Skye is feeling better and moves more easily when taken for his walks.
October 05 - Laminar wedge quite narrow now and horn tubules are no longer horizontal but have returned to a more correct slanted vertical position of growth. There is still some degree of coffin bone separation despite a full year of new hoof growth due to the amount of tissue damage previously.
April 05 - The laminar wedge is narrowing in all 4 feet
This is what Skye's hooves looked like prior to me taking over the trimming in August 2004. Orthopaedic shoes had been removed about 7 months earlier and although there was some initial improvement, Skye soon became uncomfortable. You can see that the horn tubules have collapsed and are growing in a horizontal rather than a slanted vertical direction. There is little connection of the coffin bone to the capsule wall.
April 05 - Right front
January 06 - The laminar wedge has gone in all 4 feet.
Skye is sound with trotting and cantering around his paddock.
X-rays taken 19th February 2004
Skye died at home in the Spring of 2009 from complications of a form of leukemia. At the time of his passing, the attending vet commented "what lovely feet he has". Rest in Peace Skye