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Case study - Jack
10 year old TB/QH X
Diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome in 2002

When I first did a consultation with Jack I found that he had  5-6cm high heels on the fronts and contraction issues. The soles were flat with overlaid bars and deep collateral grooves.

Jack was displaying relief postures of moving around to avoid heel pain. Short strides and toe landing in fronts but able to stride well in hinds although the hinds were camped out quite a lot at rest.

His owner described that Jacks behaviour when ridden was getting progressively worse over time, that he was misbehaving or not willing to go forward unlike when he was first purchased. Jack also carried his head in high position when ridden even with soft loose reins. Owner commented on feeling that the horse had hard/stiff muscle areas in neck, shoulder and back.
The horse just didn't "feel" right but no one could give Jacks owner any answers for this.

Jack had lateral X-rays of both front hooves on 12 September 2002 and was diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome and his owner was advised that treatments such as orthopaedic shoeing etc were available but would not cure the horse. May have one or so years left to use the horse but he would never be useful for dressage.
Euthanasia was mentioned.

Fronts - Before                                                          After - Front - May 04 - pre trim
Concavity in the once flat right front measures 1.5cm at the tip of the frog.