Feldspar - 4yo Mare - Founder/Protrusion - Deceased

This is a short story/case study about my trimming of this mare over a period of 7 weeks from April to June 2009. It is a story of tragedy to triumph to tragedy. This story is written from my own experience. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to print all of the details of this story, nevertheless, it's a story that should be told.

I have been profoundly affected by this particular case, as have others involved.

As the following pictures may upset some viewers, I have posted the photos on a separate page. Click here for case photos
In March 2009 I received an email from a woman looking for a hoofcare professional to help a horse belonging to a friend of hers in Tasmania. The horse in question was a young mare suffering severe coffin bone protrusion. The mare known as Feldspar had, some months earlier, suffered severe colic and had had an operation to clear a large amount of gravel from her gut.

Very shortly after this initial email, I spoke with the people concerned with her care, and agreed to travel to the owner/carers property and see if there was something I could do the help the mare. At that time, all attempts at helping the hooves heal had failed and the mare was worsening day by day and was soon to be put down.

On the 10th of April, 2009 I visited the mare in Tasmania, and then every 7-10 days after that until early June 2009. Seven weeks along, with continued 24 hour nursing by her carer, and the dedication of 3 veterinarians working on the case, saw this mare dramatically improve and move towards a most remarkable recovery. From a prognosis of extremely poor in April, to a good prognosis by June!

One night, after my usual visit in early June 2009, the mare was 'mysteriously removed' without the knowledge of her owner/carer, myself or any of the other professionals involved in the ongoing treatment and care of the mare. Police were called in and found the mare the next day on the property owned by the mare's breeder.

Despite all attempts - legal and animal welfare - over the following 15 months, to have the mare returned to her owner/carer for the necessary nursing and veterinary care, and despite RSPCA orders for the continued medical care of the mare, the mare was shot for dogs meat. The day previous to the mare's death, a court order had finally been issued for her to be collected from the breeders property - for her safety - and to be placed into the care of an independant 3rd party, where she would be able to recieve proper care until a supreme court case hearing.

In memory of Feldspar - a young mare with an incredible spirit and will to live.... RIP
My appreciation and thanks to all of the veterinarians who worked with me to save her life, only to have her taken, not by founder or sickness, but by the doggers bullet.
And a special thankyou to her owner/carer - your nursing skills, compassion, dedication and deep love for Feldspar is more than amazing, it is inspiring!

Julie Leitl
Since June 2009, I (and others) have received numerous threats, and our names have been dragged through the mud on forums etc. Despite this, I believe that no justice has been done for Feldspar, or for those that fought so hard, for so long to save her life. No one listened - maybe they will listen now? Needless to say it is at some risk that I have published this true story.

Feldspar is buried under the shade of a tree on a beautiful property in Nth West Tasmania